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Brief history of nintendo handheld by Dadot [via]

Which Nintendo handheld was your favorite?

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when you finally get bells and tom nook be at your door like

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Dani Moonstar vs Demon Bear by Daniel Mikah Govar

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Yesss, Blaster Master on 3DS VC ⊟

I loved this on NES, though I never finished it to my knowledge. Today on the eShop, you can get Blaster Master, a Metroidvania-esque game about a kid who loses his frog, then finds a tank, then decides to shoot everything he can find with the tank.

You can always keep up with the new eShop releases on our Releases page… as soon as I’ve finished updating it.

Meanwhile, on Wii U, the excellent Ufouria is out. Why two Sunsoft games at once? I don’t really know how the VC release schedule works, and I’m pretty sure Nintendo doesn’t really want to talk to me about it.

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Hyrule Warriors - Darunia

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Link - Hyrule Warriors

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