Beware the Night… Child of Light.

Child of Light

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I finally beat the game this morning! Thank you Wind Waker! ; u ;

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The Essential

Created by Brice Savina

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Whole Lotta Zep

Led Zeppelin have revealed two previously unheard recordings, part of a trove of unreleased tracks and outtakes which will be released in June as part of a reissue of their first three albums. 

(L-R) Drummer John Bonham, bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones, singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page of rock music group Led Zeppelin, circa 1969. Photo by Charles Bonnay//Time Life Pictures

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Mario Kart 8 renders

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Here we have a tweet from Sakurai sent out on April 29th of last year and he says it is not about the game in development but showing off some figures.  We are 5 out of 7 so far, maybe we will get Dark Pit and Ness at some point after all.

Thanks to phosphages for sending this in.

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Happy 25th Birthday, Game Boy ⊟

What a great system you were. This artwork from Eliran Cohen reminds me so much of my experience with the Game Boy, absolutely immersed in whatever I was playing, no matter where I was.

If you haven’t read it yet, USgamer published a wonderful article celebrating the Game Boy, which JC and I contributed to. Here’s a scrap I wrote for it:

My memories playing Game Boy remain vivid, and remembering them now, you couldn’t have them with a home console. Backtracking around Metroid II during a long, turbulent flight over the Pacific. Having my mind blown when I first started Final Fantasy Adventure in the back of my aunt’s Monte Carlo, when your hero gets thrown off the cliff. Jumping through Elec Man’s stage in Dr. Wily’s Revenge, in between eating chicken nuggets at a Chinese food restaurant while my mom gossiped with her friends.

I still return to Link’s Awakening every few years, spending an afternoon by a window. I’m always trying to recapture the days I’d explore Koholint Island, hiding under the dinner table, hidden so no one could bother me and break the immersion but peeking out just enough so the sun could still warm my skin. If I could still fit in them, I’d probably try playing games in a laundry hamper again, too.

Feel free to share your Game Boy memories and birthday wishes!

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Video Game Mash-ups

by Jorge Vargas

  • Toad / Piranha Plant (Super Mario Bros)
  • Pikachu / Rush (Pokemon / Megaman)
  • Bomberman / Ryu (Bomberman / Street Fighter)
  • Peach / Sakura (Super Mario Bros / Street Fighter)
  • Knuckles / Falco (Sonic the Hedgehog / Starfox)
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An accurate representation of me, after Record Store Day. Today.


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